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A tribute to the men and women from Knox County who served this nation, in peace and in war .... Some came home, others did not! ........ This is to honor and remember them all!

Traveling along the highways of Texas, none is more significant than State Highway 6. Reaching from the Texas-Oklahoma border on the North, to the Gulf of Mexico on the South, along SH 6, travelers see these signs dotting the roadside landscape. Ever present are these reminders of the sacrifice men and women of Texas, and this nation, made in the service of their country. The Texas Legislature, in 1997, officially proclaimed Texas State Highway 6 as the Texas Korean Veterans Memorial Highway.

Passing through the middle of Knox County, at the intersection of State Highway 6 and US Highway 82~ Texas Highway 114, is the county seat, Benjamin. On the Southeast corner of this intersection a magnificent memorial has been erected to honor Veterans.

This, is no ordinary momument! Other than the actual engraving and placement of the granite stone, this magnificent edifice was erected entirely with private donations from around the nation, and its construction, by the labor of Knox County citizens.

While most veteran memorials usually pay tribute to the fallen of battle, such is the case with this monument. However, this is a tribute to honor all men and women, who served in the military, who have or formerly had ties to Knox County. It may be they were born in the County, .... perhaps they lived here for only a short time before or after military service, .... it may be that they are buried here, ...... It matters not, for if they touched Knox County in some way, calling it home, this Memorial is to their honor and memory.

This Memorial is the first, and as of Memorial Day 2000, the only one of its kind along the Texas Korean Veterans Memorial Highway. Every branch of the military is represented hereon. All veterans, that could be certified by the Historical Commission, dating from the Civil War to September 1, 2000 are recorded, in alphabetical order, upon granite monoliths.

If you happen to be traveling through Knox County, it will be well worth your time to stop and visit this site. In the event that you may never pass this way, we are proud to show the world, that folks from Knox County, Texas have served this nation with honor, destinction and pride.

Some returned from the their military duties, to call Knox County home, others may have settled elsewhere in this great country, and others made the supreme sacrifice, never again to see the beauty of a sunset in West Texas.

May we never forget that there is a price for freedom!

First the idea!
Artist Concept
of the project.

Groundbreaking Ceremonies
Memorial Day, May 29, 2000

The Project Flag
Used to keep track of donations.

Keynote Speaker
at Ground Breaking.

The Project Begins
Pictures of construction phases.

The Monument Being Set
More pictures of construction phases.

Dedication Ceremonies
Veteran's Day, November 11, 2000.

Keynote Speaker
at Dedication Ceremonies.

We proudly present,
The Knox County
Veteran's Memorial

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